Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sad, I know

So, while I was not blogging this past week, I got caught up on lots of stuff. Lots of gardening and yardwork, lots of deep, deep housecleaning and little sewing. I did go on a shop hop last week and this is what I brought home with me:

Pretty sad, huh? How can you go visit 8 quilt shops and only come home with this? I was on a quest for orange fabric. I am working on a scrap quilt and I wanted oranges that would work in a quilt for a guy. Throw in a few greens ( I am a green fanatic), a pale yellow print with flowers that caught my eye and the new Bonnie Hunter book and that was it for me. I think I spent $45 total including the $26 on the book. Hmmm..I hope I don't get kicked out of the quilting world for that. I do feel good about it, though. I certainly didn't NEED any more fabrics.
I finally got back in the sewing room and went back to work on the Jitterbug 30's quilt via text with Shellie. We made great progress and could see the finish line when we noticed something. Those lovely hst's that I posted about a while back...the 192 hst's that we made in the first step were small. Too small for the new blocks we made to go with them. Double check all our measurements..they were correct. Hmm...read through the pattern again to find out that the PATTERN gave us the wrong sizes!! I hate that. Don't they use testers on the quilts they put in books?? Not that Shellie and I don't have enough fabric..believe me, we do...but all that work. Sigh..guess we will have to do them all over again with the correct measurements. On the bright side, we now have 192 hst's to put in our NEXT 30's quilt..whatever that might be!! lol


  1. You are a stronger person than me if you can visit 8 quilts shops and only come home with that much fabric. I am SO weak when all of that pretty fabric is staring me right in the face. Hence the state of my stash LOL.

    Re: your pattern problem, I think that is worth an email or call to the author. Yes, mistakes happen, but the patterns should have been tested thoroughly before publication and an error that big should have been caught. If the author doesn't have a correction posted on their website, if they have one, then obviously they aren't aware of the problem. At least you have a good attitude about using the HST's in another project!

  2. I certainly won't kick you out, since I am trying to stashbust this year! Glad you got just what you needed. Sorry to hear about the pattern issue - that is really frustrating!

  3. you might want to consider tweeking the block the triangles goes with. I am all for re-writing the pattern to match what size I am doing.
    Also write the correct info in the book in case it ever gets passed on to another quilter so they don't make the same mistake. cw