Sunday, May 30, 2010

My crew

A few months ago, I posted this pic of my family. It was small...really small. Everyone asked to see it bigger. I am a computer dummy. I don't know how to make it bigger. LOL Well, hub was doing some scanning of pics and taking care of all the computer mumbo jumbo for me for a quilt that I am making my father with family pics on it. Umm..I am just now printing out the pics and I need to have this quilt done by Friday as we are heading to Jersey next Sat morning for a surprise birthday party for my dad. Talk about pressure!! Will show pics as soon as that one is done! is a bigger pic of my kids:

This was taken almost 2 years ago at my daughter's wedding. We have Joe-15 then- first on the left, Hannah-14 then- next, Patrick-16 then- in the chair, Dan-20 then-next to Hannah, Tom-26 then- after Dan, Greg-25 then- my new son in love, and Jess-24 then- my gorgeous bride. Yes, I grow big handsome boys and gorgeous girls, don't I?? I was born to be a breeder, I swear. My favorite thing in the world was being pregnant with these guys and having the honor to be their mother. I lost 5 other babies, so the crew would have totalled 11, but all in all, I think I got the cream of the crop!!!
Happy Memorial Day to you all...lots of gardening today, lots of eating and laughs and with any luck a tiny bit of sewing thrown in. Tomorrow is mass sewing day to get that top done for my dad. That will give me the rest of the week to get it quilted.
God bless you you can tell by that pic that He has me!!!


  1. You certainly have reason to be proud. You have a great looking family. I can't wait to see pictures of the family quilt.

  2. Gorgeous family Reenie! I'm so sorry about the babies you lost, but glad you ended up with 6 great kids.