Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Meet my family

I am busy quilting away, but have no pictures to show yet, so I thought I would take this time to introduce you to my least my kids. This picture was taken August 2008 at my daughter's wedding. It is getting harder and harder to find time for us all to be together! I hate this growing up business. I am going to make sure we get another pic of everyone in a few weeks when we get together at Christmas. Pics of the hub and I will be added shortly! So, here is my amazing crew:

First on the left is Joe. He is 16 and one of the funniest people you will ever meet. Joe should be a politician. I think he could probably talk just about anybody into anything. I think he would collect older people if he could. He just thinks they (this group probably includes me) are the cutest things ever and he always has an ear to listen to their stories.
Next is Hannah. She's 15. Always on the high honor roll and is in track now. Yup..she is a headturner. She is my sunshine child..always upbeat and can laugh at the world..and herself.
In the wheelchair is Patrick. He is 17. He's a real ladies man and his brothers would love to know his secret..girls go crazy for him. Maybe it is because he calls them all Honey. lol. Patrick's official diagnosis is periventricular leukomalacia. Boils down to spastic quad cerebral palsy, seizure disorder and he is legally blind. He is also the best kiss blower, happiest guy and my hero.
Next is Dan. He is 21. He is currently in Massachusetts in the Job Corp studying auto mechanics. He has the biggest heart of anyone I know. Mention something you like and he'll remember it and get it for you first chance he gets.
Tom is next. He's my oldest at 28. He works at a nursing home as a CNA and is getting ready to go back to school for his RN. He is another one with a big heart. He always puts others first..even at his own expense. Hm...he and Joe must have inherited the "loves older people" gene from their mother.
Greg is next and is my newest son as he was the one who married my daughter. He is a CPA with Ernst and Young and stole not only my daughter's heart, but all of ours. Anyone who can put up with this crew is a keeper!
Jess is the amazingly beautiful bride. She is 25. She got her Masters degree in education and now manages an Auto Zone. Yup..that's right. While looking for a teaching position she got a job as a driver for AZone and worked her way up. She LOVES her job and the men who come in there just love having this gorgeous little thing come out and help them on their cars.
Well, that's my kids in a nutshell. I have no idea why God blessed me with the 6 most amazing kids ever born, but I am thankful daily that He did.


  1. What a great family Reenie. Now repost that picture so it opens up BIG so we can see each and every one. I'm sure you are so proud of all of them. I think it was a great idea to post a family picture. Hum, I may steal that next time I am short on ideas! Back to work before the lap top dies!

  2. Beautiful family!!! Glad I got to "meet" them!