Thursday, December 17, 2009

The finale

Well, Christmas Lights is all quilted!!! Yes, yes...loud fanfare is allowed!! It went sooo much faster than I expected. Kinda worries me. Hmmm..maybe I am not doing this free motion stuff right. It looks good. Stitches are still irregular, but better than the last time. Doesn't seem to have too much distance between stitches. Well, I'm not going to second guess it. It is done, it looks good and I am happy! I even got the binding all cut and ready to go. I was going to start putting that on tonight, but I think I am going to just call it a night and quit while I am ahead. Another quilt almost ready to move off the to do list to the completed list. Oh...guess what?!! This is the second quilt done since I made the promise to myself to not start another top until I got 2 quilted!!!
Wooohoooo!! I am FREE!! Oh, wait. This getting stuff completed feels purdy doggone good. Hmmm..maybe I will sandwich and quilt another top before I start another one. Who woulda thunk? Had you told me a few weeks ago that I would not JUMP at the chance to start another top, I woulda laughed. lol...such dilemmas!! Stay tuned for the next exciting episode!!


  1. Congratulations on finishing this lovely quilt in time for christmas!

  2. Way to go. Well done

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  3. Reenie this looks great! Congratulations on finishing it. I am almost finished with the top of the one mystery #11 I'm making. I decided it needed one more row of blocks after all the others were sewn together. So, I made 8 blocks to have them all different. Then I'm sewing the extras together the way you sewed yours that is shown on a previous blog. And that will make up the beginning of the back of the quilt. I'll fill in the rest with left over black from the border I'm putting on it. And, the top (with border) has to be done by Thursday cause that is when my son is coming up and needs to be able to use the guest room! I keep plugging away at it. grin! B.

  4. You are Superwomen! I love your quilts! MErry Christmas my sweet friend!