Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thanks to Evie's Tool Emporium!

Since I couldn't do much sewing this past weekend because of my finger, I spent a few hours on Sunday checking out the first annual Fall Business Women Online Expo. Dee, at Runako Designs,(check out her gorgeous designs) started this, and she did wonderfully! On her blog, she had a list of participating sites. We got to visit the sites and most hosted a sale or give away. Over at Evie's Tool Emporium, Michelle hosted a give away and I won! After looking at all the cool tools she has there, I had decided that I wanted the 6 1/2 in scissors. What quilter ever has too many scissors?
If you have time, go to Runako Designs and visit the vendors still listed on her page. You won't be disappointed!!!

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  1. Scissors might be a little safer for awhile....owie zowie....I hope the pain is better. I slammed my fingers in a car door was wicked pain. Fingers really bleed too.....sooo anyway...Congrats on winning that is just so cool. I really enjoyed the Expo too....great group of ladies and some very interesting things. I just had to have the cards by Paper Squid....I even added them to my website....they are soo cool.

    Feel Better Fast,