Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sewing with Shellie

We got sewing around 11:30 this morning. Shellie brought the TimBits, of course! I need to get a pic of the goodie basket she brought me...filled with fabric, magazines, a fabric zip up bag she made me for toting my sewing notions around, some sewing notions and the best ever...Circus Peanuts for me to munch on! We got right to work today (the fact that the quilt shops were closed helped us a LOT! lol) First I worked on a test block for 100 blocks magazine. Swear it took me forever to get that done. Then I started trying to figure out what to do with the Snowballs in Spring swap blocks. Just when I started getting moving on that, I got an unexpected visit from my daughter and a friend of hers. While chaos reigned for a while during the visit, we got no sewing done, but it was fun to see the kids. Then we got back to sewing and made great progress. By the time we finished up at 5:30, this is what we got done. Shellie got her wall hanging almost completely appliqued and ready to quilt:
I got the swap blocks all put together and just have to decide on borders now:
Not a bad day of work..made even better by all the chatting! Can't wait until we can do it again. In the meantime, I am hoping to have my Wednesday night quilt league this week and will hopefully get this little quilt all finished up.


  1. Both projects look awesome!!!!

  2. It was the best visit ever. I love what you did with your snowballs.

  3. Jealous of you two living so close together. Nice work, though!