Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Quilt League progress

Yay! Tonight is Wednesday quilt league and just when I needed it, inspiration struck! I wanted to finish up my Snowballs in Spring swap block quilt top, but wasn't sure what to do with the borders. Well, I decided to go along the lines of one of my favorite quilt designers, Edyta Sitar, and do some applique. Here is what I have come up with so far:
I think I am going to stop adding things here. I kind of like it the way it is. Everything is ironed on, but not stitched down yet...that comes next. The butterflies are from my blog friend, Cheryl. She sent me a baggie of butterfly parts ages ago and I just knew I had to incorporate some of them on this. I did have to cut them down a bit to suit this size top, but I love them! Thanks, Cheryl!!! Once I get these stitched on, I will decide if I am going to add anymore or not. Now, off to decide if I keep working on this, or be good and work on a few more test blocks. Decisions, decisions!!


  1. Wowee - pretty quilt top alert! :)

    Love the way you've the sashing with coloured centre blocks between the snowball blocks - and that applique is just spot on! Funny how you know when something is 'right' isn't is?

    Given that you are clearly on a roll here, I'm loathe to stick my oar in (but when did that stop me...?) - the only embellishment that I would be tempted by now would be a stem growing at each side at the top toward the bluebirds, and maybe a butterfly centre at the bottom with the stems away to each side?

  2. great top, I thought I was missing some butterflies- lol
    so glad to see that you can use them. Thanks for the shout out! cw

  3. I love it! Isn't it amazing how a little applique can really make a quilt pop?

    I agree with Hazel that you need some vines on the top and bottom or at least some more applique to connect the entire thing. Gorgeous work as always

  4. I love it!! It's perfect. I do like how you are incorporating your applique to your quilts now. Very springy.