Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some progress

Well, I did get a LOT done on my day off. Laundry galore, house cleaned, kitchen coop cleaned out, etc. I did squeeze in some fun. I got more circles cut out for the jeans quilt:

I got the rest of the handles made for my Delfina's Basket quilt:

I got the hanging sleeve on my Trees of Life wallhanging and got it hung up. I do have to get wire to hang the rod instead of the ribbon:

I even canned some pasta fagioli:

I got everything ready for the "Ugly Fabric Challenge" over at Marie Bostwick's web page (see link on right side for her site). This is going to be such fun. Can't wait to see what these 19 ladies are going to make out of the ugly fabric I send them!! Oh, btw...Marie's next book is out at the end of May!!! I am so excited..pre-order it!!

I have so much more to share with you. Quiltmaker's 100 block magazine is coming out and I can't wait!! I had such fun testing the patterns for the blocks. And Quiltmaker sent such wonderful things to me for doing it! I will share pics of that and the blocks I made for them soon. They are already getting ready to put the NEXT edition out and I am testing patterns for them again. yay!!!

Well, I have chatted on long enough. I am really getting on top of things over here and I LOVE it. Hopefully will have lots to show you soon!!


  1. My goodness you spent a very busy day off. I love the Tree Of Life wallhanging.

  2. ditto on the Tree of Live, I just love it. haven't made one yet.
    the testing was fun, this time around I think I will try my hand at doing something with the blocks. There were several that I really liked!- cheryl