Thursday, April 7, 2011

A find and a new project

While I was busy doing nothing in my sewing room the other night, I found a bunch of half square triangles that I had made awhile ago.

I think I had made them to make a second Trees of Life wallhanging. I had grand visions then of keeping one and giving one away, but I should have known better. I don't do seconds. As much as I love a pattern, I rarely ever make one twice. There are too many quilts out there that I want to make to make the same one twice! lol

I counted up the hst's and had the perfect amount to make another Edyta Sitar pattern, Delfina's basket.

I LOVE this pattern and since I already had the most time consuming part done..making the hst's..I was ready to roll!! I cut the rest of the fabric needed that night and am now making the basket handles. Once those are done, it will be quick work to put this quilt top together.

Yes, I do have guilt over starting something new when I have tops waiting to be quilted, but hey...I could say that it was already started since the hst's were done! lol

Joe got his cast on yesterday and is well on the road to recovery there. Today, though, the poor kid had his wisdom teeth out and is in more pain from this than he was from the broken ankle and surgery!! At least now he is done and God will be smooth sailing for a loooooong time for him!!

Btw..a big thank you to Kim and Dawn for passing along old jeans, assorted clothes to be used for fabric and a big bag of fabric odds and ends!! Your contributions are going to keep some people at the shelter warm and hopefully they will feel loved when they snuggle up in a quilt that you helped provide them!! Thanks, ladies!!


  1. Funny that I had to go to my girlfriends blog to read that you had a new posting. I love the new background and yes I love the pattern.
    Hope joe feels better come monday and can go back to school and resume his senior year.

  2. Prayers still going up for Joe's ankle to heal properly and quickly. The senior year is stressful enough without all this.

    I love that pattern and the way you crank out quilts, you'll have it done in no time. I'll be adding to your stash of material when I send the bag you purchased.