Thursday, September 9, 2010

Warm, cozy hand quilting

Tonight is chilly! YAY!! I am probably the only person in western NY who LOVES the fall and winter here. They are the seasons of yummy comfort foods, snuggly quilts, warm sweaters, crisp air and apples....sigh..I could go on and on. So, I made a big dish of lasagne for dinner and decided I was going to do some handquilting. Finally cool enough to enjoy having a quilt all over you while working on it! I pulled out my Giant New York Sunflower quilt and made some progress on that. I decided that for the center of the sunflower to use the same color thread. I really didn't want a big distraction there and the quilting is simple..just outlining. So, on the front you see nothing of what I have gotten done:

The center really isn't that awful's wrinkly because it was all folded up. I haven't quilted the very center yet..going to do that in some type of design but haven't figured out what yet.

On the back, though, you see this:

Still working on getting my stitches regulated, but it doesn't matter too much. This quilt is staying here with me and whether they stitches are good or not isn't a huge concern. This is a learning process quilt and I am just going to enjoy practicing my hand stitching.

I also made another tree:

These really go together pretty quickly and it is such fun seeing how they come out!

Oh...btw..the lasagne was AMAZING!!


  1. I love your tree... wow. I so want to make one of those. And, the colors are good too. Although I wonder if it is showing up the correct colors. I've been cutting little half square triangles for years. I've used some but it might be time to figure out which ones would work. Thanks for sharing. B.

  2. I am totally in agreement with you about the weather. I love it when autumn is on the way.

    Your hand quilting looks great I think and I love the colours you used in this giant sunflower quilt.

  3. It has finally cooled down here. Not as cool as where you are though. I still don't need a sweater when I walk in the morning. I love your sunflower quilt. I will have to hand quilt the one I'm starting. Can't afford to pay someone to do it. Like you, my quilt will be staying with me so the stitches don't have to be perfect.

  4. I love autumn too.

    Your hand quilting looks great to me and I love the tree