Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oh...a Sunshine Award!

Mary Lou, over at Cheaper Than Therapy, sent me a note today letting me know that she is passing along this Sunshine Award to me! This is a fun little award introducing our readers to some of our favorite blogs to network between the blogs and to say thanks to those blogs we read often! How fun is that??

Now, the hard part...which 12 blogs to link to and to pass this award on to??

1) Granny's Place
2)In Stitches with Bonnie
3) Making Scrap Quilts from Stash
4)Quilting Mom's Blog
5) Shell Creations
6) The Quilting Cat
7) The Queen Bee's Buzz
8) Ramblings of a New Quilter Who Has an Aversion to Following Patterns...and Rules!
9) A Patchwork Garden
10) Concerning Zarina

I hope you will love visiting my friends over at these blogs..I know I do! Thanks so much, Mary Lou, for passing this along to me!


  1. I can't wait to check out your list!! I enjoy your blog so much! Hope the Sunshine Award brings you lots of traffic!
    Mary Lou

  2. Thank you so much Reenie. You're a sweetie to think of me. You are my sunshine....

  3. Oh my goodness Reenie, that is quite an honor but I don't think I can be considered a quilter. Thanks for thinking of me and giving me the award. You were my inspiration for getting back into quilting.

  4. Reenie - thank you very much. It is always nice to have your blog recognized. I am trying to think of 12 blogs to help them achieve such recognition.