Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Step by step

I thought I would be further along (read that as DONE) with this quilt by now, but I didn't get any sew time until tonight. I have the borders on and the applique all set to machine stitch. I am hoping to make a start of that tonight after Patrick goes to bed. In the meantime, cutting down more scraps! I have to keep reminding myself NOT to get upset with projects taking a little longer than I expected..just take it step by step and it WILL get done!! Here's the progress so far:


  1. love it!! the border applique really sets it. amazing

  2. I love that design! Been a while since I was able to visit my favorites! Life has thrown me a few curve balls in the last few years that have struck me right on the end of me nose! Hopefully, I am back on the narrow course and can keep up with my faves!

    Thanks for sharing, and your work has really exploded! Love it!