Sunday, June 3, 2012

Do the hustle!

Shellie came over yesterday for a sew date and I had a GREAT time! We started off with a little sewing, then spent wayyyy to much time at a quilt store. Fortunately we spent more time than money there! Shellie got some background fabric for a quilt she is working on and I bought another book. Then we went out to lunch and stuffed ourselves. Then, back to sewing.
Here is Shellie working hard putting her units together. I was working on a graduation quilt that I had all cut out. I really hustled and managed to get the whole top together yesterday.
This is for Hannah's best friend, Sophia, who is like my third daughter. Now to get it quilted! Ohhhhh.....I do have something else to share. Here is a quilt that the Cobbled Court quilt circle made for one of our members when she has some surgery. We all made blocks, Cathy McG put them together into this gorgeous setting and I quilted it up and sent it along to Sandra. Didn't it turn out great?? Just love the border Cathy put on it. I am counting it as a finish since I quilted it. This was a project I worked on when I wasn't posting. I couldn't share as Sandra reads my blog. Hope she doesn't mind me stealing her pic off her blog! Lol
That is probably all the sewing for the weekend. Time to clean up this pigsty!


  1. You are so funny! I had a great time too! Let's do it again soon. I love the quilt! awesome job girlie. Thanks so much for the fun!

  2. How nice of you ladies to do this. It turned out gorgeous.

    Aren't girlfriends fun? Glad you and Shellie had a good time. By the way, my BFF since we were 16 is Shelley. I tell the kids I can say BFF because if you have been best friends for 30 plus years it truly is forever.