Saturday, May 21, 2011

Was I so bad at some time in my life that I am being paid back for it now??

Don't answer that. I am sure I was. Every time I think I am going to have time to sew and finish some of my projects, something else comes up. Usually involving running around or doing something for someone else. Yes, I know..that is what happens when you are a mom, but it seems so much more so right now. And I am stressed..there are issues at work, financial issues, too much to do and too little time to do it issues, etc. What do I do to relieve stress? I quilt. Not getting to do that has me feeling like I am a hair away from snapping. I figured I would go on strike today and do nothing for anyone (except, of course, my Patrick). A whole day to sew..yay! I sit down to my Moda 9 patch I started quilting last weekend. Remember I need to throw the next load of laundry in and go downstairs. Come back up to find that one of the cats knocked my iced tea over..all over the floor..and some on my VERY white quilt. Wahhhhh!!!!



So, more added pressure that I really don't need. Now I HAVE to get this done and NOW so I can get this in the wash. Sigh..the way things are going, I don't think it will come out.

Say a prayer for me, please. If I didn't have God to lean on in these crazy times, I am sure I would have snapped long ago!


  1. I am sure the tea will come out but I would not wait-I would be dabbing it with a dry cloth and then treat the spot as soon as you can.
    Sorry honey-mama said there would be days like this.

  2. Life just sucks sometimes doesn't it? I know "they" say things like "it's all part of life's rich pattern", but then I get to wondering why? Hope things improve soon for you.

  3. Oh dear. I do hope the stain comes out. It looks a lovely quilt. Deep breathes, count to 10 and then scream!

  4. Sorry I didn't see this earlier..if you haven't stain treated it already....dampen a soft cloth & use Dawn dishwash soap and gently rub areas front and back, next spray with Shout. Even if it dries, when you do wash it, the stain should come out.As my son says I can get just about any stain out.He calls it Mommy washing still at 28 yrs old.

  5. Spray it with "spray n wash" or something... and it will at least be ready for the wash. So sorry.... bad kitty.

  6. You might have already answered this but. . . .did the tea come out?