Saturday, March 12, 2011

Late Start

Getting a late start on this month's Christmas quiltalong, but that's okay because I spent the day so far sewing over at Shellie's!! We had a great time together as usual and Regina joined us later on to make the time even better. I worked on my Kitchen Sink quilt (which I now think is uglier than heck thanks to my choice of fabrics, but oh well).
For the Christmas project, I am pulling out this quilt top to work on.

This was made from swap blocks from the Cobbled Court Quilters. My plan was to applique things in the large red areas. Not sure what I am going to do yet, but I do know I am going to applique gold stars near each of the blocks that will have the swap participants names on them. So, here I go!

Well, got the gold stars all appliqued on and the names of the participants written on them before dinner. I will embroider the names on later, but at least I got them on! Not sure what comes next on here. I have a few ideas, but nothing definite. Hopefully will be working on this a little more tonight.

I was thinking that it over the years, I have joined a lot of blocks of the months, sew alongs, etc, but this is the Christmas quiltalong is the only one I have not only stuck with, but eagerly look forward to. I wonder why that is. I know that it does really motivate me. Take this quilt for example. I put it away a long time ago, I think because all I wanted to do with it was a LOT. So, I did nothing. Now, knowing I have these days, it doesn't scare me. I can chip away at it, a little each month.
So, thanks to Sue and Cathi for all you do for us with this!!!

Btw..have I told you lately what a great hub I have??? Every week he brings me home this:

Daisies and carnations are my faves and he spoils me with them weekly!!

Last update: I have decided NOT to do anything more to this quilt top. I am going to leave it as is and use the more open spots for some extra quilting. I tried a couple of different ideas, but they all seemed to take away from the beautiful blocks my friends made, so scrapped that idea. Yay...the best idea yet! lolol


  1. The colours are great, and I think gold stars will look superb.

  2. That's going to be really pretty. Love the idea of putting the swap participants names on gold stars.

  3. Red & green makes for a good quilt to work on for the Christmas Quilt-Along.