Sunday, April 25, 2010

Alright..time to get to WORK!!

I know everyone I have been talking to or reading their blogs seem to be in the same boat....lots going on and not much getting accomplished. I sure am right there among them! I am tired of being halfway through lots of things, so as of right now I am putting my foot down and getting some of this DONE! Here is my list of what I have going right now:

1)Part 2 of Jitterbug quilt done via texting with Shellie
2)finish handquilting my Moda mini quilt
3)behind 3 (maybe 4) weeks on my Pinwheel Party quilt blocks
4)finish piecing 2nd Moda mini quilt
5)piece Moda 9 patch
6)finish handwork on Christmas swap block top
7)borders on Twisted 9 patch
8)finishing piecing mystery #11 top
9)piece Tattered Pioneer block swap top
10)piece Broken Hearts Mending swap top
11)sandwich and quilt 5 tops
12)handquilt Giant Sunflower
13)finish working out and piecing a top of my own design

That is what I want to get done NOW. That has nothing to do with the BAGS and BAGS of scraps that need to be cut and organized or the other tops that are all flying around my head begging to get done. Hmm....guess I need some "get me moving" music going on. Let's see...I know...I will start with some Bruce Springsteen...throw in the soundtrack from The Big Chill and maybe some Aerosmith. Wish me luck!!!


  1. You go girl. I know you can do it

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  2. Way to go - good luck with the list!

  3. We are in the same boat...I always have bunches of things half done! I just make a list like you did and start tackling them one by one. I see you already got the borders on your 9 Patch, so good job on that! They look great!