Monday, September 24, 2012

7 down....9 to go

Well, my hour of handsewing a day is more like 15 minutes a day, but I'll take it!! I hand stitched the binding down on my Path to Cobbled Court quilt and have been working on the next round of petals in my Giant New York Sunflower. I have 7 petals down and 9 to go in this round!!
Those clamshells in those 7 petals is more than I have gotten done on this in a year, so YAY for me!! I started another quilt (of course) and also have been working on the 84 blocks for Bonnie's Rectangle Wrangle. I will show pics of them tomorrow. Now it's off to work from 9-7 today and hopefully my 1 hour of hand stitching tonight! Don't forget to hop over to Bonnie's blog to check out the progress of others who are trying to hand stitch an hour a day. Also, don't forget to check out the complete blog of these quilters..not just the linking blogpost. These are some amazingly talented ladies and you are sure to be inspired!!!


  1. I love your quilt and all hand quilted, so nice. I really like the blue, I wouldn't have thought of using blue that is why I enjoy looking at different quilting blogs, sew many fresh ideas.

  2. Hi Reenie,
    What a great quilt. I have always admired that pattern and would love to make one some day. Congrats on your progress.
    Nancy in sunny SC

  3. Beautiful. I am so amazed at all the quilts that you have completed.