Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Never go in to your sewing room at 3 am read that right. Last night I couldn't sleep so wandered into the sewing room. Was too unsettled to work on anything, so I started reorganizing a big. My daughter had bought me the perfect size boxes for my projects for Christmas, so I thought I would move the projects from the ugly boxes to the pretty ones. (Notice how I did NOT just fill up the new boxes with new projects!! I was sooooo good!). Well, one of the boxes had leftover blocks and leftover units from other quilts. In the box, I found these that I had bought at Craft Bits and Pieces for $2:
The colors are so pale the blocks aren't very exciting looking. That's will work up quick and will make a nice little donation quilt. So, I didn't really pick a project box, but this will be today's project to work on. Will post updates later!


  1. I have been in the mood for applique on pieces blocks, this would be a great background for something fun!

  2. I got up at 3 and started sewing! it is dangerous!

  3. I was like that two nights ago. But forced myself to sleep at a bit after 3 since the next day, I spent the whole morning waiting for mum's appointment and spent the whole afternoon shopping (for sewing machine needles & bobbins, shelled walnuts, groceries, bottom & top for a birthday girl). What a day that was.